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Crown Capital Eco Management - Destruction of the Earth

April 15, 2013

Crown Capital Eco Management - Destruction of the Earth

Life will perish as the environment perishes. (21st century ecological economist). Only in science fiction can humans escape the consequences of destroying their own habitat. In Robert A. Heinlein’s Time Enough For Love, the “Great Diaspora of the Human Race” began “more than two millennia ago” and has spread to more than “two thousand colonized planets.”

Do you believe about the Destruction of the Earth? The end of the world is near.

Mankind is systematically destroying the sensitive ecosystems which support life on earth. To date, very little effort is being made to stop and correct the damage being done. There is a lot being talked about, but remember: “talk” is not “action”.

Think of these things and view them with alarm for you will be prepared, so that when the time comes you will not panic. Tragedy may take some time to appear, if not in your time, which is likely, but surely to your children or grandchildren. So do not bury your heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich, but take heed.

(1) The air is very much polluted by the emissions caused by the excessive burning of fossil fuels and the spraying of chemicals.

(2) There are large holes in the Ozone layer which let out the ultra violet rays of the sun caused by the emission of fluro bi carbides in the air. This makes it hazardous to bask in the sun, the chief source of vitamin D, for fear of damage to the eyes and skin.

(3) The forests, the lungs of the earth, are being wantonly destroyed by man for short time gain. This further depletes the oxygen of the air and renders it less fit for breathing

(4) Because of global warming caused by the green house effect due to the build-up of carbon dioxide in the air, there has been massive melting of the ice in the Polar Regions. This occurrence has already inundated several places. Not too many years from now, it will surely change the map of the world.

(5) The frequency of earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, floods and fires during the last decade has rendered many dead, homeless, exiled and impoverished.

(6) The destruction and sickening of bees, the farmer’s friend caused by the spraying of chemicals in the air will result in less production of food and the reduction and quality of honey.

(7) The global pollution of the oceans caused by the dumping of harmful wastes into them by greedy manufacturers is polluting the fish population. Also over fishing is diminishing the fish population, allowing the jellyfish to multiply and compete with the shark and tuna for food.

(8) Genetic engineering and the use of hormones and antibiotics for the production of meat for quick gain is ruining the health of nations and producing freaks, physically and mentally. The cause of most of the illnesses in the world is from the food we eat.

(9) The pumping out of the earth of millions of tons of water for

Manufacturing purposes and millions of tons of oil is the cause of landslides and lowering of the water table. The shortage of pure water will be a near possibility.

(10)The testing of nuclear weapons hazards the environment and its use, which is a possibility, if it falls in the hands of terrorists will bring to its close this civilization.

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